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Jul 20, 2012 5:30pm EDT
with zoo america and our good friend, yoshi. are you happy to be on the news? >> he is quiet today. >> he is happy and grinning >> reporter: murray, you are doing fine, too. tell us what people can experience here at zoo america. >> thank you. zoo america is a north american zoo. you can see over 70 different species of animals that can be found on our continent. everything from bears, mountain lions, bald eagles and more. >> reporter: tell us about the falcon, this is an endangered species. >> it's not on the federal list anymore. that's a good thing. they've made a tremendous come back. they are still considered to be endangered in the state of pennsylvania. this is the fastest bird in the world. they have been clocked at over 150 miles per hour. all the way up to 200 map. 200 miles per hour? >> this is faster than hershey park's new ride , the sky rush. >> reporter: thank you so much for binging out our good friends here, again, it's something that you can come see. alligators, falcons that are faster than the coasters, you name it. it's available here at hershey park. it's cloudy toda
Jul 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
several blocks surrounding the theater, which is located right across the street from yoshi's jazz center. again, five people shot outside oakland square, we'll have more information for you as soon as we get it. >>> and the fbi has a warning out for anybody who uses the internet. the computer virus could cause serious problems tomorrow. nbc has more on what the virus could do to your computer, and how you can try to stop it, jean? diane, the fbi busted the hackers who caused this mess. and then the agency set up temporary servers so the victims could set up to the internet. but the servers are turned off, and soon it will be very clear who is infected. like many of us, maria uses the internet a lot. come monday, some of us may have trouble logging on. for six months the fbi has been protecting computers infected with malicious software that changes the way your computers search. the computers were hacked by criminals. the infected computers direct the users to sites they are not looking for. the fbi says that the scammers made tons of money from what they posted on the sites. >> absolute
Jul 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
and online. >> i think the bay area music community really came to the party big time. starting with yoshis and big-time and all the great musicians that played on the dvd. >> it speaks to the ongoing struggle of the stowe family and how easily it could have been them. >> i too am a father, a husband, a son, a friend, everything that brian stowe is, i am. it affected me that day a lot, how life can be changed in the blink of an eye. >> reporter: we're told there's going to be a special pre-game ceremony with brian and his family just before the dvd goings on on. >> now let's turn your attention to the tragedy in colorado. victims of the theater shootings were visited by actor christian bale today. bale met with victims and their families. a spokesperson for warner bros. says that bale was acts on his own. there's a southern california native who just refused to leave her friend behind. >> reporter: police and federal agents are back at the theater and suspects apartment now. as investigators continue to uncover evidence, this shattered community is finding strength in the stories of heros l
Jul 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
cinemas across the street from yoshi's jazz club. a viewer sent us this picture of the police blockade last night. five people were shot but at this point they do not believe any of those injuries are life threatening. no word yet on a suspect. >> it is day one of your work week. let's check it out to find out what's going on. meteorologist christina loren here to show and tell. >> yeah, well, let's start with the show, then the tell. temperatures this morning are in the 60s and upper 50s. 55 degrees in san mateo, 60 in sunnyvale. the story to be told this week is a major warm-up on the way. so far we've had a mild summer, that all changes. isolated 90s today, triple-digit heat in the forecast by wednesday. so today's one of the cooler days in the extended period. 91 degrees in livermore. 82 in san jose, 90 in concord. 69 in san francisco. the 7-day spells it out. 99 by wednesday. we'll slightly cool you off by thursday. but only to mid-90s. then by the time we hit this weekend, finally temperatures closer to our seasonal average. let's check your drive. >> south bay, no lanes blocked
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4